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The focus of genetic selection is to produce high performance cattle that will excel in any program. This is achieved by evaluation of both our calves and our customer's calves, on the ranch, through the feed lot and on the rail. Semen from our top herd bulls is collected and sold to help gather meaningful data for sire evaluation. Semen from the Red Angus industries top sires may be used to achieve our desired goals.

Red Angus Cattle

We have collected individual backgrounding, feedlot and slaughter performance data on over 5,000 of our producer's cattle. Carcass data is showing results for the natural calves of obtaining an average of 92% choice or better from Meyer Company Ranch bulls. With this valuable information and an aggressive breeding technology, we can quickly respond to the producers genetic needs, supplying you with the type of bull that will meet your requirements and provide maximum efficiency, both for today and in the future.

Meyer Company Ranch knows that today's Ranchers are putting their reputation on the line every day for the end product -- consumable BEEF! We're here to help!

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