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Red Angus - The Breed

Meyer Company Ranch is proud to be part of the Red Angus industry. We feel that Red Angus is the optimal breed of choice and the common denominator for any progressive cattle producers program and that it has an unlimited future. Whether you use one breed or have a planned cross-breeding program, Red Angus will fit and be an asset. Our goal is to produce solid all-round Red Angus genetics that will benefit and enhance any producers program.

Red Angus Cattle

It is evident that Red Angus is the breed that adapts to any situation and environment! In recent years the Red Angus breed has attained a high level of popularity around the world from commercial cattlemen, and for all the right reasons. In the tradition of being the first true "performance breed", the Red Angus Association broke ranks and implemented total herd reporting in 1995. This requires the production of every registered Red Angus female to be accounted for every year, as well as the performance of every Red Angus calf raised through weaning. If a cow and her calf are not accounted for in a given year, the cow is removed from the registry.

The Red Angus breed has avoided the short-term fads that have negatively affected so many other breeds. Red Angus provides a consistent source of traditional Angus traits including fertility, carcass quality, maternal characteristics, calving ease, and moderate size. In addition, Red Angus offers uniformity, good disposition, an economical appetite as well as being a naturally polled breed which is both a convenience and an economic benefit. The red color of Red Angus has three distinct advantages:

  1. Red is the most popular color of cattle breeds world wide. Red Angus provides a continuity and uniformity of color to any crossbreeding program.

  2. Red is more heat tolerant than black and the bronze pigmentation gives great resistance to cancer eye and sun burned udders.

  3. Red crossed red always breeds true. Red Angus carries no diluter genes and thus avoids the grays that result when crossbreeding with blacks. It appears that this breed truly is coming into it's own as the breed of choice, both for today and into the future.
Red Angus Cattle

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