Red Angus Genetics

Our Story

Meyer Company Ranch was established in 1990 by Robert Meyer with the goal of getting back to the agricultural roots of his youth. Not one to settle for average, Meyer quickly grew a registered and commercial Red Angus herd using embryo implants and artificial insemination of some of the best genetics available at the time. Meyer noticed that with Red Angus genetics he was achieving a consistently high grade of beef production which led him to start Meyer Natural Angus, selling antibiotic & hormone free beef.

The Meyer Company Ranch of today is much the same as it was back in the 90’s in that we believe that the humane treatment of all animals and being stewards of the land will result in an above average product. Whether the product is grasses and crops for feed, water for cattle and wildlife or high quality beef we strive for the highest caliber we can achieve.

meyer history

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